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Property Management FAQ

What is the vacation rental commission?

Our commission fee is consistent and competitive with all of our properties. We do not change it for location, quality, or by potential income.

How is my property rented?

Most properties are selected by renters from the internet; others are booked with the help of our helpful staff. Our database can be searched for all combinations of criteria, including bedrooms, baths, price, availability, and amenities. Properties (cottages and condos) are rented by availability. The owner may choose either a Saturday or Sunday turnover. All properties that are available for the requested time that fill the requirements are displayed.

Will my property generate income?

YES, aside from traditional weeklong summer bookings, you will be advised of all possible revenue streams! While rental income changes from year to year, we will always suggest ways to market and price your property to achieve pre-determined objectives. Your best interest will be in mind, when we suggest discounts, package deals, and other specials designed to increase heads on your beds.

Big vs. Small, New vs. Old – How Can I Compete?

The key to personal success is to understand strengths and weaknesses. Each property is unique. No matter the location, size, quality of construction, past rental history, age of home, upkeep, renovations and amenities of your property – like a good coach, we will help your property overcome any weakness, while marketing and emphasizing its best attributes. Understanding how your property fits and works best is a key component of our successful community-based real estate management system.

How do I get paid?

By the 15th of every month, we will mail a detailed statement along with a check for all rental income of the preceding month. Coming soon we will offer direct deposit.

Owner reservations?

It is your property, please enjoy. However, limiting personal and family use during peak season is advised. All owners have a personal login to view all activity about their property. It’s easy to block off time for your personal use, or you can always call our helpful front desk staff for assistance. We will be happy to provide keys, linens, and house-keeping which can be billed to your account or paid upon arrival. We do require that you either use the owner login to block your time or contact us to make an owner’s reservation and request cleanings upon your departure. Please do not come without notification in case we book your property last minute, we don’t want any surprises for vacationers.

Do you discount last minute to rent open weeks?

Peak NC vacation season is Memorial Day to Labor Day. However keep in mind when schools let out and start up again that is the time to consider discounting to pull in those couple extra weeks. During the month of July we don’t normally need to, but if we have a walk-in or last minute on the phone - discounts may be needed to be competitive. If not some other property will to get that rental. Unless otherwise specified and requested, if we can get an additional week at a 10%-20% last minute discount we’ll do it.

Who pays for housekeeping and linens?

Housekeeping is taxed; therefore it has to be a built-in cost. Housekeeping fees are part of the weekly rates. More and more properties and companies also include linens as a built-in cost.

Spring cleaning?

First and foremost a property needs to be clean. The deep cleaning that is done prior to every summer season is mandatory. It can be done by us or by you with an inspection by us. We highly recommend a fall deep clean too – as our season is expanding with more and more off season and shoulder season activities its important that our properties always appear “fresh.” Fall is an ideal time to clean carpets for a brighter look.

Minor maintenance calls?

As a normal part of our services, Realty World replaces light bulbs, A/C filters and smoke detector batteries free of any labor charge. Our only requirement is that property owners keep a supply of these items for replacement. If Realty World has to purchase such items, there will be a five percent mark-up to cover costs.

Major repairs and maintenance?

When things break in your unit, we must out of necessity repair them quickly. Our policy is to email an owner whenever a contractor is sent to your property. This gives you a heads-up that there will be a maintenance item on your monthly statement, along with a copy of the work order. It is against N.C. Real Estate Commission rules to operate with negative balances, so we are going to require a $150 balance in your owner’s account for emergencies. For costlier repairs, owners will be phoned to discuss repair options. With a written request from property owners, Realty World will call before any repair person enters your property. We think this a fair way to keep repairs under control.

Marketing my property?

Realty World First Coast markets its portfolio of properties by printing and mailing an annual brochure, through multiple targeted mailings (both electronically and through the Postal Service) to former customers, people requesting information, and group marketing efforts. In addition to our owned website, you will find our properties on a variety of partner websites, including, Craigslist, and some multiple listing services featuring rental properties. We have also targeted internet users in northern states who are prone to vacationing in NC via GuestQuest services.

We also encourage owners to subscribe to suggested affiliated vacation rental sites which we will administer for them at no cost. Sites such as VacationRentalsByOwner have proven to greatly increase leads and bookings.

Some homeowners take part in advertising by doing their own marketing through newsletters, personal websites and some free websites. You are free to do this, however because of our exclusive property management agreement; we need to be the point of contact. So please refer any leads to our 800 number and our website address for further contact and information, or to one of our reservation specialists.

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